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“After speaking at two large events recently I asked Don Harris of TalkBack to capture feedback from the audience. The information Don provided was invaluable – an honest reaction provided immediately after the event is much more powerful than any Read more…

Andrew Keogh, Aristo (Speaker and Pitch Consultant)

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As Principal of TalkBack, Don Harris brings over 30 years insight and experience to any communications project. Don is an Executive Coach and Mediator which fits well with his broadcasting background and interest in Feedback and Employee Engagement assignments. Integrity and loyalty underscore Don’s relationship with clients and media alike. His promise is to offer an absolute assurance of quality one- to -one communication as the foundation of any project in which he is involved.

My work allows me the opportunity and privilege to meet some outstanding people who feel that nobody at work is listening to them, or interested in their views. Sadly, in some cases that’s true – company morale often reaches rock bottom as a result.

Main focus is on improving productivity through:

  • Empathetic Communication Practices
  • Feedback
  • People Engagement
  • Dialogue Development
  • Coaching

In every instance so far we have been able to demonstrate to clients that people within their organisation have a lot to say and CRUCIAL feedback to offer. HERE’S THE BIG QUESTION – is your CEO interested in hearing their views? The truth can be hard to handle, and difficult to reach. That is why third party intervention works well. Preserving anonymity is paramount in the process.

I initially carry out feedback 1-1’s with your people as we initiate the Employee Engagement process using EMPATHETIC PRACTICES. It is a privilege and perk of the job to get to know some extraordinary people whilst chatting to them about what may be bothering them about their work and how we could work together to improve their working environment or the atmosphere prevailing.

Speaker & Broadcaster

In 1983 Don set up Airtime Limited which went on to become Ireland’s first radio advertising sales agency. He was the first CEO of IRS (Independent Radio Sales) and established the hugely influential Radio Advertising Awards in 1992, whilst running Cohesion Advertising, which eventually led him to set up TalkBack in 2009 thereby extending an unbroken thread of professional expertise built up over 30 years

I am the presenter of ‘You and Your Business’ each Friday at 12.30 on Dublin City FM on 103.2 FM. Empathic Communication and radio are my life. I am fortunate to have reached a time where I love my work. With 30+ years of experience, TalkBack has made me realise how much there is to learn about people and the way we all think!
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