“Venture has many networks running throughout Dublin, we are a progressive and quite dynamic business network geared towards business owners and managers. We found that TalkBack gives us an immediate response, very timely information on what we’re doing at any given time. We run seminars and information presentations regularly and TalkBack gets direct feedback immediately after those events and feeds it back to our management team so that we can act straight away without waiting for months at a time. The immediacy of it is hugely important because if somebody has attended an event or network meeting or seminar, if you ask them a week later, or a couple of weeks later what they thought, or what the benefits were of attending it may not be as clear or vivid, or real-time, so the fact that Don is on site getting immediate feedback means that you’re talking to people whilst still, if you like ‘in the driving seat’- that’s very useful for Venture. We’re finding quite a lot of our members are talking about TalkBack, it’s a product/service that anybody who has interaction with customers, which we all do in one shape or other form, could and probably should be availing of. It is honest truth straight back from the horse’s mouth, and you can’t beat that.”