“The key aim was to get feedback from members directly to ourselves, and the great thing in terms of getting the members feedback was it was anonymous so we were not attributing any specific comments to any particular members. That was fantastic because with the forum that we had it meant members were much more comfortable and more at ease and with Don’s easy style he was able to obtain the feedback from members unobtrusively in a very relaxed manner. The key findings from the feedback provided insight, which was really helpful for St Patricks Credit Union with our existing strategy and to formulate strategy for the coming year. It helped us really focus on the products and services that we really need to deliver for our members, as opposed to the ones we believed before we got the feedback from TalkBack. The members were actually telling us the most relevant ones. One of the key things that Don provides is a platform for two way dialogue and for members to get across their opinions in a very safe way. That’s absolutely imperative for the comfort and safety of members. I’m more than happy to recommend Don and if the opportunity arises we will certainly be using TalkBack again.”